Carl Venezia, Benjamin Simon, and Evan Metz are the founders of AgZaar

The Team

Carl Venezia, Benjamin Simon, and Evan Metz are the founders, energized to solve big problems through good choices. We commit to discovering and sharing the best organic, sustainable, and regenerative agriculture technologies and techniques.

But we can’t do it alone – we partner with industry leading chefs, farmers, scientists, activists, and business leaders for maximum impact.

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Better Supply Chains for Healthier Farms

Since agriculture is such a powerful force in this world, why not use it as a tool to do some serious good?

Improving our agricultural systems provides a solution to many of the problems in our world. We can fix nutrient deficiencies, minimize chemical leaching, sequester atmospheric carbon, and so much more. And while we help the environment along, the food on our plates is also utterly delicious.

A large barrier to growing sustainably today is the inadequate supply chains for sustainable farm inputs as compared to the uber efficient petro-chemical agricultural industry.

On top of that, so many products claim outstanding results on their packaging but have lackluster results when used on the farm.

AgZaar is our way of creating more transparent and efficient supply chains that allow growers to choose organic and sustainable methods as a profitable and responsible route.


Our Core Principles

  • Food should be superbly flavorful. No more bland tomatoes.
  • The more nutritionally packed an item is, the better. We aim to maximize the natural nutritional content in everything we grow.
  • Realize that sustainability is a net goal that can’t be achieved at every turn but should be focused on whenever possible.
  • It is essential to make growing sustainably easier so that businesses and homeowners will be able to participate in growing smarter crops.

Our Process

  • First, we look at the product as a whole. Does it make sense for farmers to use? Does it actually work?
  • Second, we use independent research to determine if the product has accurate labeling and purity.
  • Third, we look at how the product will affect the end user of the crop. Will this input result in a better output?
  • Fourth, we take an algorithmic approach to determining its sustainability. Is this a long term solution for the betterment of all?


Contact us at | 971-303-9227