Finally! The Fix for Phosphorus Deficiency in Cannabis Plants

fix your phosphorus deficiency cannabis

How to Fix Phosphorus Deficiency in Cannabis Plants

Phosphorus deficiency in cannabis plants can become a MAJOR problem.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution!

The answer, of course, is in your soil microbiology.

By using phosphorus solubilizing microbes you won’t have to deal with a phosphorus deficiency ever again. And you will see a huge difference at harvest. Double-whammy!

In the information below, I focus on how a phosphorus deficiency directly applies to a living organic soil cultivation system. If you grow with a different technique this information will still be helpful, and feel free to ask me any questions about your own setup.


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Symptoms of Phosphorus Deficiency in Cannabis Plants

When your cannabis plant is phosphorus deficient, it will surely let you know. These are the top signs of phosphorus deficiency:

phosphorus deficiency cannabis

  • Oftentimes the first symptom to show is a light green color on older leaves.
  • The stems of the plant can turn red or purple (but this also can be a totally normal cultivar phenotype expression).
  • Lower leaves can turn dark green or yellow.
  • Lower leaves start getting spots or big splotches that look brown and dying.
  • Leaves may thicken and curl.
  • Plant may attract opportunistic pests and pathogens.
  • Buds are smaller and don’t develop as fully as they normally do, and/or develop later than normal.

If you notice any of those factors, and especially if you notice several of them, you are likely dealing with a phosphorus deficiency.

No worries, below are some easy steps to resolve this problem in your marijuana plants.


The Role of Phosphorus

Phosphorus is the second most important macronutrient for plants. When your cannabis plant can access rich amounts of phosphorus, you will understand why they call it a weed. The growth is monstrous!

phosphorus deficiency growth

The cannabis plant on the left had access to more natural phosphorus than the plant on the right. An incredible difference.

Phosphorus promotes healthy plants. It aids in cellular respiration, photosynthesis, root development, disease resistance, and strong stems. All of those factors, and the phosphorus itself, produce large, dense, high quality flowers.

All of that is excellent news as a cannabis cultivator, of course.

If only it were that simple to solve your phosphorus deficiency cannabis problem…


The Phosphorus Deficiency Problem

phosphorus deficiency cannabis cycle

See, phosphorus has a tendency to stick to soil carbon and mineral substrates. It is notoriously difficult to release back into solution as the plant available form phosphate.

When soluble phosphate fertilizers are used, the majority of phosphates are almost immediately made unavailable to plants. The phosphorus attaches to soil substrates and can stay that way for decades.

My recommended living soil recipe has varying sources of slow release phosphorus that microbes are able to break down and deliver to your plant as phosphate over time. The microbes seek out these immobile phosphorus sources and enzymatically change their chemical structure so that the plant is able to access the nutrients and maximize its growth.

But this process is slow, and cannabis plants need a lot of phosphorus.


The Solution to Unlocking Natural Phosphorus

phosphorus deficiency cannabis chemical symbol

What if you could optimize the natural phosphorus liberation process by utilizing the very best microbes for that specific functionality?

The return at harvest time would be enormous!

phosphorus deficiency cannabis harvest flower


Fix Your Microbiology with Mammoth P

Disclaimer: You should know that I tried my very best over the course of several months to prove that this product was in some way faulty. I was unable to come up with anything at all. The more questions I asked, the more impressed I became. Everything about the product has been dialed in for success. Seriously – the company has a near 100% success rate on their customer conversion from large scale commercial trials. It is extremely exciting how awesome this product is because this kind of technology is setting the tone for the future of biological inputs.

fix phosphorus deficiency with mammoth p

Click here for the details on Mammoth P


Mammoth P was created to address phosphorus deficiency, and it does so in style. It is the best product on the market to unlock natural stores of phosphorus.

This specialized microbial inoculant provides 30x the normal plant-available phosphorus to your plant. It is a bottle full of microbes, like the normal microbes in your soil, but super charged through evolutionary selection.

The scientists over at Mammoth Microbes collected an enormous amount of soil samples from all across the USA. The microbes from those samples were put through a series of stress trials to determine which microbes were the strongest and best at converting phosphorus to phosphate.

Mammoth P is a concentrated solution of the singular microbe community that survived several thousand of these trials. The community is made up of four distinct beneficial bacteria species that synergistically work together to free up phosphorus.

The additional unlocked phosphorus from these microbes helps fix deficiencies and leads to a 16% higher yield with 6% increased stem strength versus controls!

And it’s entirely organic – this is a completely clean way to get additional phosphorus to your plant. That’s the power of soil microbiology for you! It also works across all growing mediums, and equally well for soil and hydroponic systems.

These microbes allow you to be precise and consistent with your soil microbiology. That’s not a sentence that is often said! You will be able to rely on these bacteria to continuously provide phosphorus to your plant from your soil mixture.

It has a neutral pH, and the bacteria population will continuously grow while providing benefits to your plant. These are some outstandingly resilient microbes, adapted to survive in wide pH and temperature ranges (even down to freezing). That characteristic means that even if everything else in your soil were to die, you could still expect to have the Mammoth microbes providing for your plant. Kind of like “phosphorus insurance”.

Even if you aren’t experiencing a noticeable lack of phosphorus, a product like Mammoth P will still help by utilizing phosphorus more efficiently and result in stronger, higher yielding plants.

You can buy Mammoth P here. There will be an absolutely remarkable yield increase during your next harvest, and your plants will likely respond with vigor in just a few days.


Control Environmental Factors

If you have a phosphorus deficiency, I believe that your microbiology holds the answer to your problem. However, there are a few other environmental factors that you should also have under control.

  • Soil moisture is a significant factor for efficient phosphorus release – ensure that you are watering your cannabis plants to the point of saturation but not run-off, and don’t stress your soil with drought.
  • Keep the ambient temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and below 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Also avoid large temperature swings.
  • Your soil should be well-aerated to promote microbial activity and nutrient mobilization.
  • Soil microbiology will manage the pH ranges in living soil so this is not as much a concern. It is useful to know that the most optimal pH range for phosphorus availability is between 6 and 7.



We all have some phosphorus deficiency horror stories, share yours in the comments below!


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