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Mammoth P is a concentrated solution of four specialized bacteria. It dramatically increases plant-available phosphate, resulting in massive yields.

+ 30x natural phosphorus cycling (as compared to average bacteria cultures)
+ 16% yield boost (trimmed sellable weight, as compared to control groups)
+ 6% increased stem strength (as compared to control groups)
+ 100% organic, OMRI listed
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee
+ Works throughout clone, veg, and bloom
+ The resilient microbes withstand huge pH shifts, temperature ranges, and salinity levels
+ Great for living soil, soil mixes, soilless, and recirculating hydro systems

Available in 250mL ($79.99), 500mL ($122.99), 1 Liter ($199.99), and 1 Gallon ($709.99) bottles.
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Mammoth P


Mammoth P is an all organic bottled concentrate of the most efficient phosphorus solubilizing microbes on plant Earth. These beneficial bacteria are functionally superior to the average microbes we are all used to.

The Colorado based company ran billions of soil bacteria (and 10,000+ species) from across the United States through thousands of stress tests and ended up with just four extremely competitive and resilient bacteria. These four bacteria were able to survive a barrage of trials, meaning they were the best at adapting to harsh environments and were able to cycle phosphorus at higher rates.

Designed to work well with other fertilizers and microbes, Mammoth P is an excellent addition to any feeding regime. You do not need to change anything about your current grow to benefit from this product – just add Mammoth P on top of what you are currently doing and you will see big results. As you learn how Mammoth P affects your grow you will be able to reduce inputs and allow Mammoth P to do more of the work for you. It also works as a foliar spray!

The bacteria is grown on an alfalfa feedstock so you also benefit from small amounts of 1-tricantonal and other desirable compounds in the alfalfa. That’s a nice addition.

Give it a shot, you won’t regret it. There will be a clear difference in yield at the end of your growing season, and your plants will likely respond with vigor after a few days to weeks using Mammoth P.

Learn more about how Mammoth P will fix your phosphorus problems once and for all.

When to use Mammoth P

  • On your mother clone: excellent root protection and fast recovery.
  • During the clone phase: as it helps regulate and provide the proper level of phosphorus to the plant without causing any burn or water contamination.
  • Before, during, and after transplanting: decrease the chance of shock and stimulate the fresh roots to take a hold of new substrate and ensure immune health.
  • Vegetation phase: promote healthy root networks and build stronger stalks.
  • Flowering phase: this is the big one – generate massive, dense, high quality buds. Mammoth P also adds flavor over the last weeks by increasing the bioavailability of micronutrients and allowing your plant to maximize essential oil and terpene production.

Guaranteed Analysis

You can count on Mammoth P to be a consistent and pathogen-free product.

mammoth p application rates

Mammoth P Enzymes vs. Competitors Enzymes

mammoth p competition

Directions for Use

Click here for the MSDS information

  1. Shake bottle well before each use.
  2. Mix with water following the application rate table below.

mammoth p application rates

NOTE: If you are growing with slow release high potency fertilizers like in a super soil mix with bat guano then you will want to use Mammoth P at half strength until you understand how quickly the phosphorus levels will increase in your soil. So start at 0.3ml/gal and you can move up to a full dose from there. Contact me if you need any help.


How should I store the product?

Room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

What is the shelf life?

The bottle is specially designed to allow for small amounts of gas exchange, and the microbes themselves are facultative anaerobes, so they survive in low oxygen environments for a long time. For best results, use within 6 months of purchase. Some growers report that they still get benefits after 18 months on the shelf.

Why does it smell?

That’s the smell of nature, baby! A strong smell is completely normal, and a good sign that the microbes are alive and active.

Is it hazardous?

No, but please do not inhale the product and avoid contact with your eyes, mouth, and broken skin. It is best to wear eye and skin protection during handling. Wash your hands after use.

Does this work in hydro? Soil? Coco? Rockwool?

Mammoth P works in all growing mediums and will function properly in living soil, super soil, and recirculating hydroponic systems.

Will it cause tank slime?

No, in fact it will likely help clear it up.

Can I run Mammoth P through drip irrigation?

Yes, it runs cleanly down to 1/8″ drip lines.

Is there a possibility that I will burn my plants?

Mammoth P itself is not a fertilizer so it will not burn your plants. However, IF YOU GROW WITH SUPER SOIL SLOW RELEASE NUTRIENTS LIKE BAT GUANO this product will still work great for you but you should start with a half dose and see how quickly your soil develops.

Can I use Mammoth P in a compost tea?

Yes, but it is best to add in Mammoth P at the end of the brewing process because the product is highly concentrated. Growing the bacterial populations in a tea might create too strong of a batch.


But don’t just take my word for it, check out these customer success pictures!

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mammoth p customer living soil

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mammoth p customer comparison close nug

mammoth p customer comparison nug

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250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 1 gal

3 reviews for Mammoth P

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Cudzo

    Great product and great service – thanks for turning me on to MAMMOTH!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m pulling down 2.5 lbs per light with this stuff. HIGHly recommend it. Thanks AgZaar! #terpsfordays

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was very surprised to see the positive results with MAMMOTH MICROBES. I have tested a dozen different options and will now stick with Mammoth. Really appreciate all the info AgZaar shared!

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